We have various tools including a monthly mortgage payment calculator, a mortgage tax savings calculator, and a current mortgage rate tool. You’ll find a “Things-to-Do” section so you can see if the area you wish to move to is really the one for you, and even a section dedicated to the schooling system for each city. We also have live news tools so you can view the latest news for certain areas, even if you’re from another state! You can find these tools and more by hovering over the “RESOURCES” tab in our menu above, and clicking on “TOOLS”.

You can also find endless helpful tips in our “BLOG” tab (also under the “RESOURCES” tab above). It’s currently under construction as we are having to add everything back in since configuring our new website. Bear with us! We have configured some guides below if you’re looking for specific properties by city. Please contact us if you have even the simplest question, A-Team Realty Group is here for YOU!