Cut Your Energy Costs

How are you keeping your utility bills down this winter? Here are a few ideas:

⚡ Upgrade old appliances. When you shop, look for the Energy Star rating to ensure your new washing machine, dishwasher, or oven are as efficient as possible.

⚡ Switch to LED lightbulbs. These use just 8 watts to produce the same brightness as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, and today’s LEDs come in all shades and levels of warmth.

⚡ Keep an eye on the thermostat. Be sure to turn down the temperature when you’re out or invest in a programmable smart version.

⚡ Check the seals on doors and windows. Try weatherstripping or caulk as a short-term fix, or consider bringing in a professional to assess trouble areas.

⚡ Wash clothes in warm or cool water. You’ll slash the energy used for each load while prolonging the life of your clothes.

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